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Buying Production

Did you know that changing the way you handle production procurement can deliver a huge benefit in terms of the volume of output you are able to achieve with any given budget? We ran an exercise here at AddictivePixel a few weeks back, looking at how best to illustrate this advantage – and actually it’s pretty simple.

Once you’ve factored in the significant operating overheads, account management and general inefficiencies common in a traditional agency business model – for every $10k you spend you could end up with as little as 50 hours of actual production output.

Switch to a retained colocated model and adopt Agile Marketing principles, and that increases to something like 120 hours. That’s nearly two and a half times the output for the same money.

The change you need to make involves moving away from project by project purchasing and into a contracted flexible production retainer – not something you’ll find widely available. Which is why the last 12 months here at Space66 has been spent developing a digital production proposition for brands that fulfils this need, and one which fits the contemporary, performance driven marketing landscape – a proposition we call Colocated Digital Production.

We can do this through a two week demonstration. After some initial consultation with you, we place a temporary team in-house alongside your marketing department to deliver a series of briefs. This lighter touch approach gives you a great opportunity to experience a better way of working first hand – as well as an easy way to demonstrate to the wider business how such an initiative would work in the longer term.